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For alternatives to siding, Alberta Exteriors Ltd. offers services with stucco. If you are looking for an original look and feel to your home or business, choose stucco! Working in areas surrounding the city of Edmonton and the region, we deliver quality and reliability. All our work is guaranteed to meet industry standards and client expectations. With a team of professionals always ready to take on a new project, we can stay on time and on budget to meet your needs.

Technical Description:

Stucco is the common name for Portland Cement Plaster which is applied to surfaces either inside or outside buildings. Stucco is hard, durable, rot and fungus resistant, low-cost and does not require much maintenance. It is made from cement materials, sand and water mixed together to form a plaster. This low-cost surface can also take on a wide range of colours and textures achieved through colour aggregates and pigments.


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Do you have any queries regarding our work and the services you can get from us? Feel free to contact us to know more about the services and our projects.

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