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Your basement doesn’t have to be dank and outdated. Give it a makeover and make it into an essential part of your home with basement remodeling from Congra Construction Ltd.. From planning through execution, our team of experienced contractors will transform your basement and give it new life. We do high-quality work that’s not only reliable, but it’s also affordable, fast, and built-to-last.
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With simple changes like adding a ceiling, painting the walls, laying a cozy carpet, and mounting a flat screen TV, we can help expand the usable space in your home. Best of all, these changes are relatively inexpensive. Spend less money than bathroom and kitchen remodeling while getting tons of extra space by investing in affordable basement renovations.
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Over the years and after hundreds of successful basement remodeling projects, we’ve learned a thing or two. One thing is, communication comes first. We were tired of hearing people complain that their contractors did work without asking or switched materials without confirming it was okay. We don’t operate that way. Never have, never will.


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