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Eavestrough, Downspouts


Eavestrough, Downspouts

When it comes to eavestrough and downspouts, you want to be on the safe side as subsequent damages can be substantial and expensive to fix. Whether you are looking for repairs or brand new installation, Alberta Exteriors Ltd. can help. The use of eavestroughs and downspouts in Canadian housing has become very common and that is no surprise provided the extreme weather conditions of Edmonton and the surrounding regions.


Eavestroughs and downspouts reduce groundwater adjacent to the foundation and thus provide extra insurance against foundation leakage. Eavestroughs are installed after the exterior finish is in place. They are mounted on the fascia board close to the shingle overhang with a slight slope toward the downspouts.

Directing water away from the foundation is indispensable to avoiding erosion. The final grading of the lot should be such as to ensure drainage away from the building and off the lot. Alberta Exteriors has the experience and knowledge to facilitate this process.

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