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Alberta Exteriors Ltd. offers the supply and installation of any type of siding available on the market. We have a wide range and variety of colours and materials for you to choose from. No matter what your style, taste, preference, or budget, we have something for you! 

Our team of professionals are experts in the craft eager to work for you. All our services come with a warranty and proof so that you will always have peace of mind when you choose Alberta Exteriors for all your siding needs. We strive to exceed industry standards as well as to meet and surpass the customer’s needs.


There are two types of Siding:

Overlapped Siding

 Each piece overlaps the element below. The elements are assembled one inside the other in its lateral extremes by a conventional groove and tongue joint, and the horizontal upper and lower edges are assembled by means of an overlapped joint, which secures in place and immobilizes the element without affecting its decorative function.

Each element is assembled one inside the other in all four sides, thus forming one single plane. This is done through conventional tongue and groove joints in each side.


Additionally to the aesthetic aspects required for an exterior wall, the Siding walls should satisfy other requirements related with:

Acoustical insulation; Thermal insulation; Water-tightness; Leveling; Stability; Electrical / Mechanical installations; Finishings; Openings for doors and windows; Maintenance

A Siding wall is composed of diverse products, proprietary or supplementary:

Supporting structure; Siding material; Fastening materials; Moisture barrier; Sealants and additives; Supplementary accessories (corner pieces, flashing, thermal insulation)


Siding installation not only adds beauty and value to your residence or business, it makes it presentable, stand-outish, fantastic, fabulous and marketable! Alberta Exteriors can help! Now serving the Edmonton region.


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Do you have any queries regarding our work and the services you can get from us? Feel free to contact us to know more about the services and our projects.

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